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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

The Rules of Engagement for

General Forums

1. Common sense prevails.

2. No BOTD or for sale/trade in common/general forums. Those types of posts will be moved to their respective forums. Swimsuits, cleavage and that type of shit will be allowed, anything else will be moved to the Golf forum. No sex or porn in the Golf forum.

3. All give away/free shit posts will be moved to the moderators forum.

4. Individual Moderators/Staff have final say. Again, common sense prevails.

5. Introduce yourself, say "hi". While not required, it sure is polite. We've even made a thread just for checking in.

6. Don't be a fucking pussy.

We're going to try and keep the "rules" as loose as possible. Don't be the guy that forces us to change that.

Golf Forum

1. Nudie pics, ok. Sex pics, no go.

2. Nobody wants to see naked dudes in here, period.

3. If there is any doubt, there is no doubt.

3a. (JSBunchanumbers subrule) If you think it MIGHT be a dude, it's a dude, don't post it.

3b. (Michael Jackson subrule) If you think it MIGHT be underage, it's underage, don't post it.

3c. (Slick Willie subrule) If you think it MIGHT be a sex pic, it's a sex pic, don't post it.

4. All posts in this forum are considered Non-Work Safe. Don't complain to us if you get caught looking in here while at work.

5. Please host your own photos using Photobucket, Picassa, etc. Nobody like to see a Red X or be hit by a porn companies pop-ups or login requests.

Tech Forums

1. They are for technical discussions. Keep the asshattery to a minimum. Of course, jokes and shit will be ok in the course of a thread but lets try our best to keep on topic. This will be a reference area for others to use.

2. Keep thread titles relevant to the content of the thread.

3. Try to be detailed with questions.

4. Try search before asking.

5. Don't post "Look at my new AR threads". That's not technical, it's just cool.

Swap Meet

1. Describe your stuff in detail. A picture is even better. A simple post of "WTS this gun thingie" won't work.

2. Did your deal go bad? Did you get ripped off? Would you complain to Safeway if that happened from a note you found on the corkboard? Complain to us, fine. Maybe we'll do something about the guy's account but we're not getting your money or stuff back. If it's that bad, call the cops.

3. If you start bumping a thread every five minutes it'll probably get locked. Not saying you have to wait a week but let's be reasonable. HEY!, how about keeping it around three days?

4. This isn't a discussion forum. This is a for sale/trade forum. We have an IM system here. Email still has wide acceptance as a form of communication and the telephone is not obsolete yet. Figure out what that means.

5. If Janet Napalatano wouldn't want to find you with your for sale item, don't post the item for sale here either. We don't want to make it a full time job of locking BATFE member's accounts for disrupting the forum.

6. Stick to legal processes. Don't know what that means? Stop trying to sell firearm stuff.